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Lighthouse Cove was reopened on October 6, after being closed for 4 weeks due to damage from Hurricane Irma. During that period, the staff and external vendors worked tirelessly to get everything back in shape. We could have easily stayed closed for a couple more weeks but felt it important to get you all back in and enjoying Lighthouse Cove. We have made every effort to get everything in your room up to par. However, if you find something we missed, please give us the opportunity to correct it for you. It will be weeks before we get everything inside and out back to 100%. This includes wall repair that may be unpainted. We have started interior painting of all units so that work will be done as we get to each unit. Pool Project; It was decided that while we were closed, we would resurface the pool. It was a budgeted item and needed done. It wasn't until work began that we discovered an, out of code, condition in the electrical system powering the lighting. This condition could give a potential safety risk of water electrocution that had to be corrected. This involved cutting through the pool deck in 4 places to lay in new conduit. That portion of the project cost us over 5 days on our schedule. The contractor is doing everything in his power to finish the job and turn the pool back to us. Although there are only two final steps left to complete, they require totally dry conditions. As it is supposed to rain most of the day Thursday, and Friday, this will further delay us. A large crew is standing by ready as soon as we get some dry time. All efforts will be made to finish even working around the rain. But these final two steps will require dry weather to complete. We apologize for these inconveniences. But there was no way we were going to short cut this project. Doing everything right assures the safety, security and operation of your pool for years to come. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

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